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Edward Carels

Ph.D. Acting CEO at Addiction Recovery Resources

"Kevin is a very astute expert on financial planning and investments. He prepares his recommendations clearly and with great precision."

William "Bill" Craddick

Plant Manager

"Kevin did a great job for me. He's a highly skilled professional. He worked diligently with me to get me on the right path.”

Mario Nick Gallo

Commercial Real Estate Professional - Investments

"I've known Kevin for years now and I would highly recommend Mr. Brunner for Wealth Management Strategies. I feel his experience owning and operated his own businesses aside from Brunner Financial has provides a very valuable and unique insight when working with clients as he can see their goals, issues, and objectives through their eyes allowing him to provide a strategic analysis, as well as, consultative and best practice recommendation for his high net worth individuals and family offices alike. I've further had the pleasure to see him perform in person through the many meetings we've been in and clients we've worked with and as far back as my SoCal Real Estate days. If there is one professional with a stellar track record, acute business insights and cutting-edge Wealth Management Strategies, Kevin Brunner is him.”

Jeffrey Duvall

Operations Supply Chain Manager

"Kevin's demonstrated himself to be an expert in wealth planning and financial strategies. Kevin's approach is refreshing in that he operates with his customers' best interests in mind, and he takes the steps necessary to educate them. Kevin's sound value system, integrity, and expert knowledge make him a professional I'd recommend to others."

Michael Oldag

Development Engineer

"I have found Kevin to be easy to work with and he can clearly explain the pros and cons of the many financial options that are open to you. He can also offer innovative alternatives for your consideration which will help you get a better focus to make informed decisions on your long-term goals."

Rudy Murrieta

Project Manager

"Kevin is a Financial expert who thinks outside of the box. This enables him to obtain customers needs."

Chris Clark Sr.

Marketing Representative

"In my time working with and for Kevin, his hard work ethic was displayed in the long hours he put in at the office, as well as the research he conducted in order to provide the best strategy for his clients. Kevin has the ability to connect with a client because of his understanding of each individual client's needs. He has the ability to recommend financial strategies that align with their short-term cash flow needs and long-term financial goals. The thing I really like about Kevin is that he would rather sacrifice a high paying commission in order to provide a client with the best product. He is not a financial advisor, however, a strategist that helps build a client's wealth, as well as meet their retirement goals. His knowledge and experience allow him to build a retirement roadmap and advises the client along the way."

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