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"We didn't invent the Installment Sale Trust (IST), we just streamlined it so anyone can use it." Q-1031 Team

Q-1031's story

Q-1031.com was started because after years and years of client's frustrations with accommodation services, we found it was easier to start our own. Too many exchanges fail because of a lack of tax planning, so whether it's a 1031, IST, DST, UPREIT, Q-1031 has the safety net in place for you to make sure you continue to defer your capital gains taxes.

The Executive Team

Christian Ramsey (Principal)

Christian has over 20 years of experience as a licensed financial professional. He currently specializes in advanced techniques involving real estate and business transactions and managing trust assets.

Mr. Ramsey has been published in several newspapers and magazines including “The Auburn Journal”, “The Granite Bay View”, “The Placer Herald”, “Ranch and Country”, “Land and Farm”, “American Small Farmer” and has co-authored works to the Journal of Accountancy and Journal of Financial Planning.

He published “Land Rich, Cash Poor” in 2007. More recently, Mr Ramsey has authored several white papers on the Installment Method, Monetized and Structured Installments and has co-authored a book titled “Just Say No – To Bad Financial Advice” released in 2024.

Morris Chubb (Trust Administrator)

Morris Chubb is a seasoned professional with 40+ years of experience as a CEO, CFO, and other roles with venture backed and private companies, several of which have gone public. Throughout his career, Morris has been committed to transparency, accountability and integrity.

He is also active in the nonprofit space and is board chair of Project WeHOPE, a nonprofit that provides shelter and other needed services to the homeless in East Palo Alto and other locations around Northern California.

Craig S. Redler, Attorney (Trustee)

Craig has held positions with Amicorp in its offices in Auckland New Zealand and Miami Florida, and Southpac Trust International, Inc. with offices in the Cook Islands and Tauranga New Zealand. His responsibilities included serving as Trustee for off-shore trusts settled by high net-worth clients along with structuring bank accounts throughout various countries in Europe and Asia.

Redler was most recently with the Jeffrey M., Verdon Law Group in Newport Beach California. Prior to that, he was an original shareholder of the Law Offices of Redler & Seigel, P.C., an estate planning, tax planning and trust administration law firm serving the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Redler has also served as a Legislative Assistant to the Honorable Richard A. Gephardt, Majority Leader, U.S. House of Representatives, and was Systems Engineer for EDS/GM in Detroit Michigan, in addition to being a talk-radio host

Trevor LaParl (COO)

Trevor is a dynamic professional currently serving as the COO for the Q Companies. Based in Orange, California, Trevor is deeply committed to applying his knowledge and skills in the operations domain to helping more asset owners became aware of the benefits of the different capital gains tax strategies and safety nets for 1031 exchanges.

Nathan Partch (CMO)

Nathan (Nate) is a dedicated entrepreneur. His mission is to create lasting business partnerships that bring unparalleled value to clients. His journey began in the insurance and financial planning industry, where he discovered a passion for marketing and sales. This realization led him to develop a partnership-based system tailored for financial companies and commercial brokers.

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